Sunday, May 1, 2011

PollSense: Its the ad-sense of Polls

Polls when, where and how?: A task-integrated context-sensitive polls

Ask them when they are willing to provide?

We need the opinion of people who are well educated in the issue and so identifying the context gives us an understanding of our user. If he is reading about the "Health bill", he perhaps is a right user to vote on it. Reduces noise when compared to the traditional polling methods.

Engage users . Similar to context sensitive ads.
Have widgets and provide services

language independent , domain independent
Time-sensitive, based on social media, current-affairs ?

- As more sites adopt it, you have an understanding of Page-ranks , what pages people visit etc


- Create thousands of automatica polls from news, and provide a toolbar for users
- Share data or just results ?
- Can we learn more about the users themselves (tie up with the web)

Bloomberg is getting into it.

Whats out there:

Create content for your site:

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