Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Donate a word

Visit: http://donateaword.org

The idea of the site is to collect an English word and its translation into a favorite language of anyone willing to contribute. This summer, I wish to enhance the collection process using a web interface with ample feedback and visualization.

Motivation factor for people to contribute to such a site -
1. Work towards a nobel cause (donate rice - www.freerice.com)
2. Fun to play (A 2-player game, or a scrabble style game) with a point system
3. Learning experience (123teachmespanish style)

Our motivation here is to enable "Assistive reading" technologies. An accompanying application/plugin will be built to enhance an average non-english speaker's reading experience on wikipedia , by suggesting translations at word-level in their native language.
The source vocabulary will cover all words from English wikipedia and a user can select his target language for providing a translation. Existing dictionaries free online ill be used to seed the application/plugin so that user's get a feel for what their contributions can achieve.

Visualizations will be the motivation:
1.How much of Wikipedia has been covered for the user's language
2. How many articles will the user help by translating a particular word

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