Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flash games with movie stars

I was wondering if there are any websites out there that create online flash games featuring movie stars. India is a land for movies where people idolize heros and heroines, and I figure flashgames may cater to kids and adults equally. More users on the site, more advertising revenue. Sites like Mochi Media ( and even Google now provides in-game advertisements.

Imagine a fruit ninja like Rajnikanth slicing fruits. Or imagine Emran Hashmi in the role of this smoocher here. :)

- Speech synthesis systems that can mimic the voices of public figures
- Computer simulations of gait and mannerisms

- Do IP problems come into play. Do we need to pay studios for images/voices of film personalities?
- Is the research there yet?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Ad Annotation

Ads in all languages, local brands, but inaccessible as they are not rich in content

We provide exposure.
1. You upload a video
2. We tag , enhance the content for SEO purpose
3. We also annotate existing content for Google

1. Users
2. Local brands:
3. Ad and Marketing Giants:
4. Search Engines

More details...TBD