Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News Games: Annotating information nuggets in news via Games

Most of us read news every morning, some more often than others. While reading can we have a bit of fun with others who are reading the same article? And by doing so can we in-turn help enhance the reading experience of everyone else as well?

The idea is to device a bunch of simple 2-player games around the content of the newspaper which when annotated gives information that can be used in improving the presentation of the newspaper as well. Imagine the following scenario -

Scenario 1: You are reading a newspaper in your local newspaper (I speak Telugu) Does YSR, and Y.S. Rajasekar Reddy mean the same? How does a computer know? Can a single player play a "Spot the Person" game, where you click on a word thereby highligting it. You get points for identifying the maximum occurences

Scenario 2: The same scenario above can now be played as a 2-player game. Consider a "sentiment analysis" task. Given a newsarticle, ask a question two both participants about "What is Jagan doing in Hyderabad?" and you select a sentence that highlights the activity, lets say "campaigning". Both users get points when they agree on the click !

What does all this mean to your local news reading experience?
- We can now cluster news around people causing them (Named Entity Tagging)
- We can highlight events and relationships between people (Relation Extraction)
- We can better analyze news to create time-lines , location tracking and also understand general pulse of people (Sentiment Analysis)

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