Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Voicify : Crowdsourcing Voice Aquisition

1. Upload a photo of text, document, URL pointing to the data you want speechified
2. Select from a list of existing users, judging by samples or open an audition for a sample !
3. If satisfied by sample continue to completion !
4. Website provides quality assistance: cleanup of voice samples, voting mechanism for the same.

Acquiring userbase:
1. List of people who post on elance, mturk for voice overs
2. Signup people from Mturk / Crowdflower and ask them to post sample of voices
3. Spread the word !

Research and Technology:
1. Storage on E2 cluster
2. Background noise cleanup (filters etc)
3. Quick samples can be obtained on the web or on devices similar to - blip.me, voice.ly

Who may be interested:
1. Animation companies (Project description must be more detailed to accomodate such)
2. Speech Researchers looking for voice overs
3. Every startup wants to spread its wings into new domains possibly with a video
4. Audio books
5. Voicify your Websites to reach people with hearing disabilities

www.audiodraft.com (A site for crowdsouring music)
www.castingwords.com (A site for crowdsourcing speech transcription - other way round)
http://vocaroo.com/ (Record and send voice emails)

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